Each year, leading practitioners in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy, and gastrointestinal surgery gather for a week to give lectures, share insight, and learn from each other. As the world’s largest conference in these fields, Digestive Diseases Week offers insights into the latest innovations, access to invaluable knowledge resources and networking opportunities for healthcare professionals.

For those unable to attend the conference, Cornerstones Health offers the Best of DDW in IBD Live Webinars™.

These live webinars present the most important scientific and clinical advances from Digestive Disease Week (DDW). Developed and presented by nationally known digestive disease specialists actively involved in the management and treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), these courses offer a condensed and synthesized update on the research and important clinical information presented during DDW. The course will provide you with clinically pertinent data allowing you to implement new understanding into your own practice.

The live webinars cover the newest data on emerging therapies, the latest diagnostic and prognostic tools, the most up-to-date understating of how to utilize available therapies alone or in sequence, and information regarding how to identify and minimize complications.

Our 2019 Best of DDW in IBD Webinar series is coming soon. Please check back after DDW 2019.


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