Founded in 2008 by world-renowned expert clinicians and educators, Cornerstones Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and transforming communication between health care providers, patients, and industry partners through creative, comprehensive, and expert-based educational programs.

Our efforts manifest themselves in three ways:

  • As advocates for improved patient care
  • As educators of the newest treatment techniques and medical innovations
  • As facilitators of transformational conversations between patients and health care professionals


At Cornerstones Health, we believe that by creating conditions for health care practitioners to share unbiased working knowledge about best treatment practices with thought-leading clinicians and educators, we transform the patient’s experience and elevate their quality of life.

Healthcare providers need the time and means to learn about the latest treatment practices, patients need to be educated on their diagnosis, and physicians and patients both need to be speaking the same language. We believe that when we engage physicians in open, unbiased, and empathic conversations about best practices, everyone benefits.


We see ourselves as stewards and advocates for patients. We are at our best when we serve as trusted, ethical clinicians who willingly share what we know — and continue to learn — about navigating the complex terrain of disease treatment, while remaining empathic, unbiased, and nimble problem solvers. As leaders in the field, we leverage the powerful combination of our patient and colleague experience to transform information into practical insight and actionable knowledge.


Our voice is professional, intelligent, insightful, honest, warm, and accessible…we are always ready to listen well, share ideas, roll up our sleeves, and serve as sounding boards for peers, patients, and industry partners.


The approach we take to continuously improving and evolving the programs we offer is based upon these critical values:

  • A commitment to improving the quality of treatment and care for patients fuels all of our efforts.
  • Our roles as leading educators and practitioners anchor a unique approach to maximizing the impact of medical education to improve disease management.
  • Practitioners — physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners— all benefit when we employ an open, unbiased, collaborative approach to sharing knowledge and insight.
  • Understanding and broadly sharing practical knowledge about emerging innovations in disease treatment and care raises the bar for all.
  • We communicate with practitioners with clarity, candor, and knowledge, providing them with the tools for interaction with patients that are also clear, honest, and informed.